Introducing Alright v2

2019 January 01 ☛  Release Alright Update News
All 64 styles of Alright v2

Introducing Alright v2

I redrew Alright Sans. The new version is named Alright Normal. It was completely redrawn from scratch (you can read more about why below). The new version is significantly better, with improved drawings, more useful features, and a more consistent design. It’s everything Alright Sans should have been.

New Widths Too

I didn't just redraw Alright Sans, I also drew three new widths: Narrow, Condensed, and Compressed. Every width has the same number of weights, the same character set, and the same features. This makes a typographic system that is really flexible, letting you easily switch between weights and widths without messing everything else up, a useful feature for design explorations and responsive layouts. It also means there are things like Compressed Ultra Italic small-caps. First person to use those gets a free beer.

Alright Normal
Alright Narrow
Alright Condensed
Alright Compressed

What changed between Alright Sans and Alright v2?

The fonts may look similar, but pretty much everything changed. The drawings, spacing, features, even the character set is different. You can see a more detailed comparison here. The new Alright v2 fonts are not interchangeable with the old Alright Sans fonts. But I have some good news...

Want to see more?

You can seem more details in these pdfs: there is a fancy (and very red) little specimen book, a simple overview pdf showing the family, and a monster pdf showing detailed samples of all 64 styles. You can also test the fonts for free on Fontstand or edit the big text samples on the Alright v2 page (sorry, the webfonts are limited to Latin-1).

Upgrade for Free

I want you to use Alright v2. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without the customers who bought Alright Sans. So I decided to make the new version a free upgrade (through 2020). If you already purchased Alright Sans, just log in and download the new version. If you like it, consider buying some of the new widths.

And if you already have a license and want to add the new widths, just email me for a code to credit the cost of your existing order. That way you don't miss out on the discount for buying the entire family.

Okay, now you should go buy Alright v2. Or download the new Alright Normal files from your account page.

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