About Okay Type

Contact Info
Email: ok@yty.pe
Twitter: @okaytype
Instagram: okaytype
Catgram: ughpostrophe
Okay Type, LLC
2537 N Avers Ave
Chicago, IL
60647, USA

Hello there.

Hi. My name is Jackson. I started Okay Type in 2009 as a small typeface design studio in Chicago. Well, "studio" might be a little misleading since it's actually just me working alone with some cats. And, if we're being honest, the cats don't do any work. Anyway, I make and sell fonts. Hopefully you find them useful.

Jackson Showalter-Cavanaugh
Okay Type
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Some Thanks

Working alone is hard. Heck, at this point it's pretty much impossible (learned that the hard way). While it's just me in the studio, I wouldn't get anything done without help.

Thanks to these people. Some of them have been important in helping me make and sell fonts. Others have kept me from going (completely) insane: Nick Sherman, Frank Grießhammer, Tânia Raposo, André Mora, Indra Kupferschmid, David Jonathan Ross, Mark Simonson, Eric Olson & Nicole Dotin, Fontstand, Tal Leming, Frederik Berlaen & Robofont, fontTools, FontParts, & Ben Kiel, Erik van Blokland, Just van Rossum, and Evelyn Pollins. Thanks. ☺︎