Okay is one of Typographica’s Favorite Fonts

2021 May 06 ☛  Awards News Okay Typographica

Cool! Okay was featured as one of Typographica's Favorite Typefaces of 2019.

After releasing Okay, I intended to write a serious post about the typeface's development. Well maybe not serious, but at least something more thoughtful than the flippant, self-deprecating blurb that ended up getting published. I chipped away at the project for fifteen years and have oodles of process work documenting the design's progress from a bumbling graphic design student project to, well, one of Typographica's Best Typefaces of 2019.

I also thought it would be important to discuss the ethical considerations of working on something remotely connected to Eric Gill, who was just an absolute pile of a human. I very nearly dropped any mention him but was convinced it was more important to present useful contemporary alternatives to his work.

But I never wrote anything. Releasing a new typeface is a lot of work and I was ready to move on to new ideas. I could still do it if anyone is interested. It would probably only take two or three emails to motivate me.

In the meantime, Craig Eliason's review is a great. Definitely better than anything I would have written. I wish he was more explicit about how much Eric Gill sucked, but he did an excellent job writing about the design. You can read the full review over on Typographica. While you're there, read about some of the other great typefaces from 2019 (I love OHNO's Obviously). Then come back and buy a license for Okay.

You can also read André Mora's delightful review of Harriet from Typographica's Favorite Fonts of 2012. You can't read about Alright Sans on Typographica's Favorite Fonts of 2009 because they didn't do a list that year. Womp womp.

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