Mostly Boring Updates for Q3

2019 June 18

Warning: None of This is That Interesting

A couple of months ago I said I was going to try to write more. Well, that didn't happen. It was a rough spring. Did you know adults can get Mononucleosis? Ugh. I'm almost recovered but, holy crap. Would not recommend. 0/5 stars

Minor Website Update

I pushed a quarterly update for the website backend. Mostly just little updates to keep things current and secure, but there were two important issues.

First, I updated the credit card processing to meet the European PSD2 standards for “Strong Customer Authentication”. What is that, you ask? Basically, if you’re a customer in Europe you might see an extra checkout step to confirm things with your bank. The whole thing is boring and complicated (not to mention annoying) but it's a requirement beginning this September. You can read Stripe’s documentation here if you’re curious or reallllly bored.

I also fixed a nagging bug when activating new accounts. Well, kind of. Occasionally a customer's activation link would get triggered twice, confirming the account but also throwing an error. This bug was impossible to recreate on my end so a huge thanks goes out to the customers with patience to walk me through things on their end. I'm still not clear on the source of the problem but I came up with a work around that, fingers crossed, fixes the problem. Please please please email me if you still get an activation error or can’t sign in.

New Typeface Soon?

If you follow Okay Type on Instagram, you might have noticed a few teases of a new font. I'm smart enough to not promise a release date (this font started in 2004, fwiw) but I’m currently giving the files a final test drive while designing promotional graphics and sample pdfs. I'm very excited to see this one out in the world. The most difficult thing left to do is to decide on the final name...