Okay Type End User License Agreement
Okay Type, LLC
End User License Agreement
This license is a legal agreement between you, the customer, and Okay Type, LLC (Okay Type) governing the terms of use for Okay Type’s font software and the design of the fonts embedded therein (fonts).

This is a binding contract and becomes effective when you access, download, install, or otherwise use the font software. If you do not wish to enter into this agreement do not purchase, install, or otherwise use Okay Type’s fonts.

Again so it’s clear, what you are purchasing is the non-exclusive permission to use Okay Type’s fonts in the specific ways defined by this license. If you are unsure whether your use is permitted, please contact Okay Type (licensing@okaytype.com).

General Terms

Rights and Ownership
The fonts’ names, letterform designs, and the software code contained within remain property of Okay Type. This license only grants you non-exclusive permission to use the fonts in the specific ways defined by this license. Actual ownership of the fonts and the letterform designs contained within remains with Okay Type.

Okay Type has the right to terminate this license immediately if you fail to comply with any of the license terms. Upon such termination you will immediately stop using the fonts and destroy any copies of the fonts, including any archived or backup files. In addition, Okay Type reserves the right to claim the retail cost of the unlicensed use and punitive damages.

Troubleshooting and Refunds
Okay Type will do everything in its power to help you resolve any technical difficulties you may have with the fonts. If, after all reasonable attempts to solve the issue are made, you are still unsatisfied with the performance of the fonts, we will refund your money and terminate this license, which will be the limit of our liability. Due to the digital nature of the fonts, Okay Type can not offer refunds for any other reason.

You are allowed to make one archival copy of the fonts exclusively for the purpose of backing up the files. The unauthorized sharing, lending, renting, sale, or other unauthorized use of the backup copy (or the original fonts) is a material breach of this agreement and will result in the immediate termination of this license and possible further legal action.

Protection Responsibility
You agree that you will take no action which will have the direct or indirect effect of causing the fonts thereof to become Publicly Available Software or otherwise be subject to a Publicly Available Software Agreement.

You may not create or help create modified versions of the fonts without first obtaining written permission from Okay Type. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the font names, creating additional styles or weights, adding or editing characters, modifying the spacing or kerning, converting the fonts to another digital format, or editing any font metadata.

Your Organization
This license is only valid for your business, company, organization, person, or other distinct legal entity. For example, your distinct legal entity could be you (as an individual person). Or your organization. Or the company you work for. The license may not be shared between multiple entities, such as you (as an individual person) and the company you work for. In this agreement, your distinct legal entity is referred to as your “organization” or, more simply, “you.”

Third Parties
This license may also not be shared, split, or extended to third parties. A third party is anyone not a part of your organization, this includes but is not limited to: clients, customers, business partners, vendors, suppliers, independent contractors, and free lancers. Third parties are required to purchase their own license in order to use the fonts.

This license is an agreement between Okay Type and you or your organization. It may not be transferred to or shared with a third party. Under no conditions may you resell this license.

Other Terms
Okay Type reserves all rights not expressly granted to you under this license.

Desktop/Print Use

This license grants you the right to use the fonts by a specific number of users, on a specific number of computers, in your organization.

You may install the fonts on the number of computers defined by your licensed number of “users.” A single user is a person within your organization who may install or use the fonts. Each single user may install the fonts on one primary computer, such as a desktop workstation, and one supplemental computer, such as a laptop or tablet.

Workstation Users
If a single computer is shared by more than one person, each person using that workstation needs to be counted as a separate single user.

Centralized Font Servers
You may install the fonts on a centralized font management server provided a few conditions are met. First, the server must be local and limited to a single geographic location. Use of the fonts across wide area network or any other remote or cloud-based system is not allowed. Second, the total number of computers with access to the fonts must be equal or lower than your licensed number of users. This number should be counted as the total number of devices where the fonts may be accessed or installed, regardless of whether or not they will be using them simultaneously.

Remote Employees
This license is specific to your organization, its computers, and its employees. It is not limited to your employees’ geographic location. If you have employees in multiple offices or working remotely, they may be counted as a part of your licensed number of users as long as they are actually employees of your organization and are working on equipment that belongs to your organization. Free lancers, contractors, vendors, and other third parties must have their own license.

Service Bureaus
If necessary, you may send a copy of the fonts to a commercial printer or service bureau only if they agree to use them exclusively for your production and destroy any copies of the fonts when the job is completed. If they are providing typesetting services or editing the document they must purchase their own license.

Other Use

Webfont Use
You many not use the fonts on a website using the CSS @font-face method or any other method that dynamically renders text. For that, or any of the uses below, you’ll need to purchase a separate license extension from licensing@okaytype.com

Mobile Application Use
You may not embed or encapsulate the fonts or any of the data contained within the fonts, such as the postscript outlines, in applications created for mobile devices.

Digital Document Embedding
This license does not grant you the right to embed or encapsulate the fonts or any of the data contained within the fonts, such as the postscript outlines, in electronic documents distributed outside of your organization, such as pdfs or eBooks.

Use in Hardware, Software, Games, Devices, Etc.
You may not install, embed, encapsulate, or otherwise include the fonts or any of the data contained within the fonts, such as the postscript outlines, in an operating system, electronic device, video game or other computer software, or other piece of computer technology not explicitly discussed in this license.

Use In Alphabet or Letterform -Related Products
You many not use the fonts, or the designs embedded within, on any alphabet or letterform-related products. This includes, but is not limited to, scrapbooking materials, signage products, or other product that involves the reproduction of individual letterforms.

Okay Type, LLC
License agreements are important, duh. That’s why I’ve tried to make the Okay Type EULA as straight-forward as possible, without being too vague. Please ask if you have any questions.

Okay Type fonts are available for use on the internet exclusively from Webtype. This license does not cover the use of Okay Type fonts as webfonts.

Testing & Trial Fonts
If you just want to test a font, you can get a free 60 minute trial on Fontstand. You can also purchase a month-by-month desktop license there.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss usage outside these terms, please get in touch: licensing@okaytype.com