Okay Type Services
Custom Type Design

From corporate branding to editorial design, advertising campaigns to signage systems, the best projects often require special attention to typography. And sometimes the existing go-to solutions just don't cut it. Whether it's creating a completely new design to reinterpreting a historic classic, I can help you find the best typographic solution for your project. Interested in commissioning a typeface? Send an email and we can talk about it.


Multi-national business often need extended language support. I can extend or localize fonts to support the languages you communicate in.


Every project is unique with different communication challenges. I can help you find the best typogaphic solution to your project's needs.

Custom Styles

Special weights, widths, or sizes? Custom encodings or font names? I can build special files or design new styles just for you.

Technical Stuff

Sometimes fonts don’t work right. I blame computers. Fine-tuning fonts to your workflow will save headaches and, more importantly, time.


Icons, patterns, logos, graphics, signatures, etc: I can translate your artwork into simple to use, multi-platform fonts.
P.S. I know font licensing and copyright stuff can be confusing. I’m not a lawyer or anything but I’m more than willing to help you sort things out so they get done the right way. Legit.