Okay Type Frequently Asked Questions

Webfonts, Mobile Apps, and Electronic Publications

Q:  Can I use the fonts on a website?
A:  The Okay Type EULA only allows fonts to be used on computers in the traditional static fashion. For webfont use, I've partnered with the brilliant folks at Webtype to provide properly built, high-quality webfonts.
Q:  Can I use the fonts in an App?
A:  It depends on how, but usually you will need a special license to use Okay Type fonts in a mobile application (like an iPhone game or an Android knock-off of a popular iPhone game). Email me and we can discuss licensing@okaytype.com
Q:  How about electronic publications?
A:  You also need a special license to embed, encapsulate, or otherwise use the fonts or the font data (that means the outlines) in an electronic document like an ePub or eBook.


Q:  Can I upgrade my license?
A:  Yes. There's no reason anyone should have to pay for a font license twice. If you want to upgrade single font licenses to the full family or add users, contact licensing@okaytype.com and we can talk about how to proceed.
Q:  How many licenses do I need?
A:  Count the number of computers you need to install the fonts on, each one of them counts as one user. If multiple people will use a single computer (such as a shared workstation) each additional person will count as another user.
Q:  Can I share a license?
A:  Licenses only cover a single business entity or a single person. Clients, outside contractors, friends, etc, each need to purchase their own license to use the fonts.
Q:  Student or non-profit discounts, eh?
A:  Not at the moment, sorry.

General Things

Q:  Do you ever take on interns?
A:  I love the idea but, in reality, it would probably be a huge pain in the butt. Instead of handing over my work, I'd rather help truly self-motivated and passionate young type designers find their own way. Get in touch if you're interested in some kind of vague mentoring slash nerdy type hang out.

Buying and Payment

Q:  How do I download the fonts?
A:  Once your payment has been confirmed (which is almost instantly), you'll be able to access the fonts from your account's Downloads page.
Q:  What are your payment options?
A:  Ordering with a credit card is the fastest and easiest way to licensing fonts. Okay Type accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you prefer to pay by other means, please contact licensing@okaytype.com to discuss.
Q:  Is your order processing secure?
A:  Okay Type is regularly inspected for PCI compliance. A Comodo SSL certificate is used to securely pass your payment information directly to Authorize.net for processing. No payment information is stored on our system. So, in a word, yes.
Q:  Do you have a privacy policy?
A:  Sure, it’s pretty simple: Your account information and order history is kept securely in our database as a matter of bookkeeping. Okay Type will not share your information with anyone unless legally required to (like for fraud prevention).
Q:  Will I get an invoice?
A:  Of course, you will receive an email with a record of the transaction. You will also be able to access a history of your orders from your Account page.
Q:  Can I refund or exchange fonts?
A:  Because of their digital nature, fonts can not be returned, refunded, or exchanged. For more information, please review the End User License Agreement you agreed to during the checkout.

Technical Stuff

Q:  What font formats do you provide?
A:  Okay Type provides CFF-flavored OpenType fonts (.otf), a cross-platform format that works on Mac OS X and all versions of Windows starting with Windows XP. For more information you can read Adobe’s OpenType User Guide (pdf).
Q:  How do I install the fonts?
A:  First, you’ll need to download the fonts using the link from your order email or account page. Then you’ll need to unzip them.

On Windows, you'll need to open Start ‣ Control Panel ‣ Fonts
Then, from the menu, select File ‣ Install New Font

On OSX, you can use a font manager or move the fonts directly to /Macintosh HD/Users/[your user name]/Library/Fonts
Q:  Something is acting funny?
A:  Have you tried clearing your font caches? 99% of font problems seem to be stem from messy old font caches.

On Windows: Find this file: C:\Windows\System32\FNTCACHE.DAT. Delete it and restart your system (don't worry, it will be automatically rebuilt).

On OSX: There are a number of easy utilities to clean the numerous OSX font caches. Font Explorer X has a menu item to clear both System and Application Font Caches. I use Font Nuke. It's free (if you can stomach the garish icon) and simple.

If this doesn't help, you should email licensing@okaytype.com with a description of your problem. Please be as specific as possible, I'll need to know what software you're running and a detailed account of what's going wrong.